Raf D Backer, Eraserhead by Cercueil, Yves Peeters Group: Hallucinations, Black Flower, Too Noisy Fish


Raf D Backer, Eraserhead by Cercueil, Yves Peeters Group: Hallucinations, Black Flower, Too Noisy Fish

FR 04.04.2014 20:30

Raf D Backer

Jazzeux makes an ambitious opening with the performance of Rising Joy, the latest album by Raf D Backer - a refined stylist with real class. His rousing, jazz-inspired mix of soul, gospel and blues is skilfully accessible and invariably conjures a smile onto your face. NICE!

Raphaël Debacker: piano, keyboard, organ
Cédric Raymond: bass, double bass
Lionel Beuvens: drums

Eraserhead by Cercueil

This striking cine-concert pays homage to a consummate cinematographer. Cercueil builds an elaborate labyrinth of drones and soundscapes elaborating the images by Eraserhead (1977, David Lynch). The bar is set high for the French band, since the original soundtrack on Lynch’s long-play debut is already fantastic on its own!

Nico Devos: guitar, synthesizers
Pénélope Michel: cello, sound effects, synthesizers

The words through the music, the music through the picture, Cercueil’s dreamlike orchestration reinterprets Lynch’s nightmare in a dizzying weightlessness. Mymetro december 2012

Yves Peeters Group: Hallucinations

Jazz concerts are often a musical adventure, but visually not always as exciting. Yves Peeters is changing all that. He asked the media artist Joop Pareyn to give the music an additional dimension by using video projection and lighting.
Not a soundtrack where the music accompanies a film but rather “visual tracks” in which projection accompanies and underpins the music.
The soundtrack concept is turned inside out, no less.

Frederik Leroux: guitar
Nicolas Thys: bass
Nicolas Kummert: saxophone, vocals
Yves Peeters: drums

Black Flower

Contrast adds a colourful dimension to life. You can easily expand this notion to the music by Black Flower: a funky soul wilderness, Ethiopian melancholy and intoxicating grooves which are absolutely perfect for dancing. The versatile saxophonist and composer Nathan Daems gave Black Flower a very focused aim: Booty Shakin’!

Nathan Daems: saxophone, electric melodica, flute, vocals & composition 

Jon Birdsong: cornet & alto horn
Fulco Ottervanger: clavinet
Simon Segers: drums
Filip Vandebril: bass guitar

Too Noisy Fish

Too Noisy Fish is the alias for the Flat Earth Society rhythm section gone wild. The roguish piano trio present a wild safari of tempo variations which through remarkable interplay always make perfect sense.
Drumfills sound as though Granny is falling downstairs again, matching the rhythm of a rugged piano theme, which is then embellished by a really catchy bass groove.
You’ve got the message: pleasantly eccentric chaos.

Peter Vandenberghe: piano, composition
Kristof Rosseeuw: bass
Teun Verbruggen: drums