Denovali Label Night Dictaphone + Nadia Struiwigh + Prairie


Denovali Label Night Dictaphone + Nadia Struiwigh + Prairie

TH 20.12.2018 20:00

Art-record label programmes an evening of contemporary ambient composition.

Denovali is an independent record label from Berlin that does not restrict itself to a single genre. Ambient, jazz, drone, electro and modern sound art — as long as it is adventurous enough to extend the limits of everyone's music collection. For this night with us, Denovali is brings three artists to Brussels.

Denovali is actually bringing Dictaphone back: Brussels native and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Doerell is the backbone of this cult trio. Their new record, ‘APR70’, spills over from subtle, sensitively arranged layers of instrumental skills and has already been praised as 'a new definition of purity'.

Nadia Struiwigh is a producer and DJ. She is from Rotterdam and already captured the international music press with her first recordings. Always flirting with ambient-techno, but also always full of acoustic elements, her new record is a filmic, musical journey, inspired by memories and emotions. It is perfect for faraway travel and dark nights.

Prairie is the musical project of Marc Jacobs, a Brussels-based Dutchman (or the other way around) who is ready for his third record, After The Flash Flood. Guitars, computer drums, field recordings and synths together create dark and feather-light textures. An apocalypse in pastel colours.