TH 08.11.2018 20:30

Len Buggenhout will tell us the story of his burn-out. He worked as a teacher at Mabo and as a journalist at Bruzz and felt the crippling need to always be better, perform more. Add to that the nagging feeling of people not valuing his work or seeing him for who he was and his recipe for burn-out was complete. Today he’s had a break from life, has a new plan and is ready to share his learnings.

Aubane Verger, co-founder at Le Local BXL. Aubane is going to tell us about her (almost literal) downfall as a financial analyst and sales controller: the story of how you can embark in a 10-year-long linear career of managing resources through the lenses of agribusiness multinational’s Excel sheets without asking yourself the right questions. *This talk will be in French Jacob Gloser, founder and CEO at GoTennis.

Jacob launched about one year ago GoTennis, a Brussels based start-up on a mission to offer the first complete online tennis club with courts across the city connecting tennis partners of similar level, all in as little as 4 clicks. After a journey made of bumpy Belgian entrepreneurial roads, GoTennis decided to close its business about one week ago. Jacob is coming to tell us all about his experience as a first mover in revamping tennis for the connected age

These speakers will candidly share in 7 minutes:

- What their project was
- What went wrong
- How it affected their personal life
- What they learned
- What they would do differently

At the end of each story you, the audience, ask questions. All accompanied by beer and good friends.