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how to relate

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A programme by Julia Reist in collaboration with the project Landing on Feathers by Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm



“For our curated programme, we want to open the Beursschouwburg and propose different encounters in the form of listening, exchanging, sharing and observing around the question: How do we relate – to ourselves and beyond? Could looking at the way we create and develop relations help us understand the multiplicity of realities and needs of being that collide and overlap daily? And by embracing this and giving it more space, could we welcome a gentle resistance towards systemic violence, both internally and externally, and break a repeating pattern of dominating cultures and single narratives?

We would like to address a landscape of the WE: an ecological WE, a cultural WE, a political WE, a WE as a community but also as individuals.”


Jija Sohn, Julia Reist and Aleksandra Lemm



Julia Reist holds a Bachelor degree of Visual Arts, a master of Artistic Research and a master of Art in social political context. She has worked on projects bridging different disciplines like dance, performance and visual arts. Since 2011, she has been working as a freelance researcher, dramaturg and art producer on a large range of (inter)national projects. In close dialogue with artists, Julia specialised in contextualising and formalising the often still ungraspable elements within early stages of a project, to develop it further and find its specific format or frame or materiality. In 2018 in collaboration with Katrien Reist, she started the research and production platform Through they are looking at other forms and methods of working with and through artistic practices to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and aware artistic field. Most recently Julia joined the team at the Flemish Arts institute within the role of (inter)national support and development for performing art.


Jija Sohn is a Japanese-Korean artist based in Amsterdam. Before entering the Performing Arts field she had obtained a master in Applied Linguistics. For over three years now she dedicates her work and practice to exploring human connections and relations which recently resulted in the three community based projects Lands of Concert, Phantom Travels, and Landing on Feathers. These projects become her way to look inside into our human nature, recognising and embracing all our flaws and strengths making them into an intimate portrait of how we are as people alone and together.


Aleksandra Lemm is an Amsterdam-based performance artist and therapist. In 2015 Aleksandra graduated from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. In her artistic work she has been developing a practice that questions the notion of authority, control, and power in relation to the performer’s body and its surroundings. Her works include Rave (2015) which was nominated by IT’s Festival in Amsterdam, BLUE (2018) and Tipping point (2020). In the beginning of 2021 Aleksandra became a certified therapist in holistic therapy approach called Embrace Therapy®. Since then, she has been studying different therapy approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Compassionate Inquiry®. 


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