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in harm's way
Carolina Bianchi The burning words


Carolina Bianchi The burning words

SA 18.03.2023 14:00

A writing workshop with Carolina Bianchi.


“All this that I write to you is like a hot egg that passes from one hand to the other (...) What I write to you is an “it”. It won't stop: continues. What I write to you continues and I am bewitched". Clarice Lispector

This is an invitation to write.

In her most recent texts, Brazilian author and theater director Carolina Bianchi asks herself if it is possible to find words or ways to treat language that can be more violent than certain memories of abuse and terror. Can writing be a force field? A strategy to survive? And how can poetry, confabulation be a direct part of this strategy? How can we create spaces for new memories? In this workshop each participant will start a text from some guidelines that involve memory, horror, invention and poetry.

This workshop is open to everyone who is interested in writing.

In English, but all languages are welcome for the writing exercise.

No previous knowledge in writing is required.

Please bring a device that you like to work with (a laptop, a notebook etc.).