in harm's way
A talk between Carolina Bianchi and Carolina Mendonça


A talk between Carolina Bianchi and Carolina Mendonça

SA 18.03.2023 21:30

After three days of In Harm’s Way, a last sharing on artistic strategies, thoughts on unnamable violence and techniques of self-defense.

Carolina Bianchi is a Brazilian theatre maker, performer and writer, currently based in Amsterdam and recently graduated from DAS Theater’s Master programme. She develops her practice between theatre and performance, whereby theory and practice are inseparable. Her works depart from a crisis perspective to launch confabulations about gender violence and historical pacts through an erotic approximation of history’s timeline.  Her staging combines different references to literature, cinema and painting, musical mashups and a constant confrontation with any absolute truth. She is the director of the collective CARA DE CAVALO (Horse’s Face) from São Paulo, with whom she created the pieces O Tremor Magnífico (The Magnificent Tremor), 2020; LOBO (Wolf), 2018; the outdoor performance Quiero hacer el amor (I wanna make love), 2017; and the lecture performance Mata-me de Prazer (Kill me by Pleasure), 2016.

In English

Carolina Mendonça is interested in contamination of knowledge and in being vulnerable to different logics. With a Master in Choreography and Performance at Giessen University in Germany and a degree in Performing Arts at ECA-USP, her latest projects are Sirens (2021) an attempt to compose a dissonant choir at Belluard (CH); Pulp - History as a Warm Wet Place (2018) in Mousonturm Frankfurt that deals with an intuitive archeology digesting the leftovers of the XVII-XVIII centuries; useless land (2018) where together with Catalina Insignares, they propose a night reading that invites thee audience to sleep in different contexts such as Maerzmusik in Berlin, Ferme de Buisson in Paris, Beursschouwburg in Brussels and Sesta in Prague among others; We, the Undamaged others (2017), a work that puts in question happiness as a horizon that organizes our lives, premiered at Oswald de Andrade in São Paulo and showed in MIT-2018. Carolina also develops a practical theoretical research that she shares in the workshop Impossible Practices dealing with telepathy, levitation, deep listening among other practices and that was done in institutions such as Exerce in Montpellier(Fr), Tabakalera in Donostia (Esp), NIDO in Rivera (Uru), HfmdK in Frankfurt (Ger), Teerã National Theater in Teheran (Iran) among others. Carolina works as dramaturg in collaboration with Marcelo Evelin, Marcela Santander, Dudu Quintanilha, Carolina Bianchi, Marcela Santander, among others. Carolina is based in Brussels.


Part of In Harm’s Way, a programme about sexual violence and artistic strategies coming from a dialogue between Carolina Bianchi, Carolina Mendonça and Elisa Liepsch