Jazmyn + La Noirceur


Jazmyn + La Noirceur

WE 15.12.2021 20:00

A soul evening with live instruments.

After training as a singer in London and Antwerp, Jazmyn returns to the last of the underground of her hometown Brussels. Jazmyn writes intimate lyrics that may seem sad or happy, but mostly both at the same time. With her live band, she creates a personal soul cocktail in which their love of jazz shines through. On December 8, they will release their first official single, Golden, setting the tone for the winter and the rest of 2022.

La Noirceur, a native of Brussels with Nigerian and Central African roots, combines voice and piano to let the audience in on her emotional realm. Author with a taste for composition? A composer with a sharp pen? If there is any difference at all, you will discover it on her first EP that drops this month.

18:30 doors
20:00 La Noirceur
21:00 Jazmyn
23:00 end


photo Jazmyn: Lina Wielant