Jazzeux 2016 curated by Lander Gyselinck & LEFTO


Jazzeux 2016 curated by Lander Gyselinck & LEFTO

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SA 09.04.2016 20:30 Sold Out!

Feat. Dorian Concept, KnownAlone, Yussef Kamaal Trio, Sons Of Kemet, Lander Gyselinck + LEFTO

Jazzeux is an ode to musical mavericks and quirky crossover projects. For this second edition, beursschouwburg invites two jazz fanatics. Jazzeux: it’s jazz, but then again, sometimes it isn’t. It is something entre eux.

19:30 - doors
20:30 - KnownAlone
21:30 - Yussef Kamaal Trio
22:45 - Sons of Kemet
24:00 - Dorian Concept
01:15 - LeFtO (DJ)

Lander Gyselinck (BE)

In a short time, Lander Gyselinck has catapulted from a young talent to watch into an established figure in the Belgian jazz and improvization scene. He is not only a drummer, but also a composer for his own bands, LABtrio and STUFF. He finds inspiration in contemporary electronic music and hip hop.

KnownAlone (BE)

KnowAlone is the alter ego of drummer Lander Gyselinck, in which his curiosity about acoustic sound, the passion for electronic music, his guilty pleasures converge in a shameless manner. Not so much a drum solo, but "drums solo” where Gyselinck quenches his thirst for experiment, improvisation and irrefutable beats using electronics and samples. An ode to Jennifer Lopez, a nod to Miles, a homage to KRS-One and always searching.

Sons Of Kemet (UK)

Sons Of Kemet are born of many vital elements – including a name that nods to ancient Egyptian culture, and a line-up that comprises some of the most progressive 21st-century talents in British jazz and beyond. Band-leader, composer and sax and clarinet don Shabaka Hutchings (himself named after a Nubian pharaoh-philosopher) brings together his fiery vision alongside London-based bandmates Tom Skinner and Seb Rochford (forming a dynamo duo on drums here) and latest addition Theon Cross (taking over from Oren Marshall on tuba).

Yussef Kamaal Trio (UK)

The Yussef Kamall Trio is the live project of Henry Wu (keys) and Yussef Dayes (drums) featuring Tom Driessler on Bass. The Trio caused a stir after their headline slot at Jazz Refreshed at the Festival Hall . The Trio have also secured a coveted spot at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide awards in January 2016. This is a special chance to see the group in an intimate, local setting, before they go stratospheric.

Dorian Concept (AT)

There is a certain element of playfulness and wonder that can be heard in the music of the Viennese-born, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer Oliver Thomas Johnson, aka Dorian Concept. After being exposed to hip hop in his early teens, he started to experiment with music production software on his parents’ computer at the age of 15. Around the same time, he picked up the piano, electric bass, and soprano saxophone, and since then he has been fascinated by combining the world of music production with the one of instrumental improvisation.


LeFtO is one of Europe’s most eclectic and pioneering DJs. His connections with renowned international DJs, musicians and club promotors have helped him expand his outstanding reputation with DJ sets from Kazachstan to Bali and Los Angeles. Jazz transports him back to his childhood, when his father awakened him to the sounds of Stan Getz’s Focus.

http://www.mixcloud.com/leftooo https://soundcloud.com/knownalone

19:30 doors
20:30 surprise act feat. Lander Gyselinck
21:30 Yussef Kamaal Trio
23:00 Sons Of Kemet
00:00 Dorian Concept
01:15 – 05:00 LeFtO (DJ)