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Joshua Serafin Pearls


Joshua Serafin Pearls

FR 01.03 20:30 sold out
SA 02.03 20:30 sold out

A performance for queer bodies, inspired by non-normative genders as celebrated in the pre-colonial Philippines.

The performance 'Pearls' is the final piece of 'Cosmological Gangbang', the overarching project of Filipino artist Joshua Serafin, who collaborates with Lukresia Quismundo and Bunny Cadag in the Philippines from their home base in Brussels.

'Pearls' is a performance for queer bodies, inspired by non-normative genders as celebrated in the pre-colonial Philippines. Through song, dance and theatre, the three performers rewrite history and imagine a future where bodies become divine, away from conventional gender norms. As a postcolonial fantasy, the work portrays queer and trans bodies of colour from the global south, anchored in the Filipino experience. Besides speculation, 'Pearls' is also a healing exercise, with Joshua, Lukresia and Bunny transforming shared suffering into scenes of beauty.


Joshua Serafin is a multi-disciplinary artist who combines dance, performance, visual arts, and choreography. Born in the Philippines, they are currently based in Brussels. Josh's works deal with questions about identity, transmigration, queer politics and representation, states of being, and ways of inhabiting the body. They are currently developing a cosmology of works that create new forms of rituals, and embodiment, based on queer ecologies which will result in their new performance 'Pearls'. They are interested in the duality between the physical form and its representation manifested through the alter identity they created called 'Void'. Josh is a graduate of Philippine High School for the Arts where they majored in Theatre Arts. They studied at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in contemporary dance. Graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2019, and gained their Bachelors in Performance from KASK in 2021, and recently graduated from their Masters in Fine Arts in Visual Arts in KASK School of the Arts in 2022 with great distinction and their master’s work has won the award Horlait-Dapsens 2022. 

In 2022, Josh presented their work ‘Miss’ at Beursschouwburg.


Bunny Cadag is a Filipino transfeminine multidisciplinary artist. She makes theater, film, performance as well as installation art. Her research focuses on pre-colonial gender diversity, traditional song rituals, healing practices and gender equality.


Lukresia Quismundo, also known as 'thirdworld', is a model and visual/performance artist. She integrates everyday Filipino culture into fashion by using materials from her backyard and found objects.


concept | Joshua Serafin
performance | Joshua Serafin, Lukresia Aka Thirdworldbb & Bunny Cadag 
sound | Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld 
scenography | RV
light | Ryoya Fudetani
costumes | Katrien Baetslé 
video | Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc
artistic assistance | Rasa Alksnyte 
theory & poetry | Jaya Jacobo 
outside eye | Arco Renz 

coproduction | VIERNULVIER (BE), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), HAU Hebbel Am Ufer (DE), Beursschouwburg (BE), STUK (BE), WpZimmer & C-TAKT (BE), Theater Rotterdam (NL)
supported by | Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie residencies | Emerging Islands 

photographs | Michiel Devijver