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JustJAZZit Brussels #4
Mostly Other People Do The Killing


Mostly Other People Do The Killing

FR 17.02.2012 20:30

A concert where the energy spatters off.

“A Terrorist Be-Bop Uber-Jass Ensemble”, is the way the New York quartet Mostly Other People Do the Killing describes itself. What should you understand by that? Fast eclectic jazz bursting with humour.Or in their own words: ”We like to play all the jazz, all the time, all at once as fast as possible: bossas to bugaloos, rock to smooth jazz and swing to disco.” Not a question of being difficult for the sake of it but a concert where the energy spatters off and both the musicians and the audience are visibly enjoying themselves. MOPDTK is the proof that jazz is, more than ever, alive and kicking! The four musicians are absolute virtuosi. Their brief: let people hear that jazz is good music and not boring, more than that – jazz is fun. That motto is more than fulfilled during their concerts. Robust compositions, of which most are from the hand of the bass-player Moppa Elliott, are performed with so much swagger and professionalism that they really blow you away. There is a starring role reserved for trumpeter Peter Evans, who is generally considered to be the great new luminary when it comes to his instrument. In all the polls he is put forward as the trumpeter of the decade.

Peter Evans(UK): trumpet

John Irabagon (UK): saxophone

Moppa Elliott (UK): bass

Kevin Shea (UK): drums