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Lisa Vereertbrugghen Feel Yourself, A Techno Meditation.


Lisa Vereertbrugghen Feel Yourself, A Techno Meditation.

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In anticipation of Lisa Vereertbrugghen’s new dance performance, here’s a little try-it-at-home teaser for you: set aside 15 minutes (as part of your morning routine, sunny weekend, whenever suits you best). Seek out a suitable place and align your chakras to 130 bpm.

"Dear listeners,

I would like to share a new practice I am developing called techno-meditation. It’s simple: I make a mix of one of my favourite techno tracks with a meditation that I find online. Different variations of techno, some hard, some soft, with different kinds of meditation. These techno-meditations are dance-meditations for people who, like me, have difficulty sitting still. I invite you to listen and dance, in whatever way, shape or form. If you do not have the possibility to move in space, then perhaps the dance can take place in your imagination.

I warmly invite you to listen with headphones or speakers.
Have fun dancing and truly hope to see you soon."

— Lisa Vereertbrugghen


Extrawelt, Soopertrack
Living Better, 15-minute meditation: Body Scan

pic by Maud Samaha