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Look Mum No Computer + Vieze Meisje


Look Mum No Computer + Vieze Meisje

WE 13.11.2019 20:00

Did someone say Furby-synth-organ?

Sam Battle AKA Look Mum No Computer builds modular synths, each one nuttier than the last. This handiest of handymen uses Gameboys and Furbies as his weapon of choice, blasting audiences with societally-engaged synthpop in all the colours of the video-rainbow.

LMNC started out as a side project to Battle’s more ‘serious’ musical pursuits. But when online interest in Battle’s ‘fun stuff’ began to surge and his record deal with ‘a dickhead of a record label’ fell through, he decided it was time to switch things up. And voila: banging synthpop to stick a pixelly middle finger up at the music industry rat race and, by extension, society in general. Come for the Furbies and stay for killer tracks like Modern Gas and Groundhog Day.

+ Vieze Meisje
Maya Mertens’ musical universe consists of scratchy loops and poetic fragments of text, with long-time family member Alan van Rompuy (a z e r t y Klavierwerke) at the knobs and their audience surrounding them in a perfectly imperfect circle. Attending one live gig will set you up for a lifetime of devotion: welcome to De Vieze Cirkel.

As part of ‘We Love You’, a multidisciplinary programme on love beyond the romantic and the self - sep oct nov dec 2019.