postponed/cancelled | Maky Lavender + Lait de Coco DJ'S
TH 09.04 20:00

Heaps of two-step love, zero clichés. This hip hop is a balm for the heart and mind.

Maky Lavender was born and raised in Montreal. The city has a lively hip hop scene, where his refreshing two-step energy, self-made beats and striking visual style would soon win him a loyal fanbase, both online and at the many showcase gigs he has smashed.

In terms of music and style, Lavender joins an already-rich tradition. When it comes to the substance of his work, he’s decidedly new-school-millennial. Love, mental health and how he experiences this as a young black man are among the themes appreciated by his young and less-young fans alike. With au courant song titles like ‘Tik Tok’ and record titles like ‘ALMMLM (At Least My Mom Loves Me)’, we’re betting that Lavender’s star is set to keep on rising up over Hip Hop Land and the world at large.

Lait de Coco is a DJ collective and growing music label based in Liège. And yes, they’re as sweet as they sound! The collective consists of four members: MimiLaBokMilo and JeuneClyde

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