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Mirna Bamieh / Palestine Hosting Society Menu of Dis/appearance


Mirna Bamieh / Palestine Hosting Society Menu of Dis/appearance

SA 26.09.2020 18:30

Presented by SoundImageCulture. As part of the programme Aesthetics of the Political curated by Sammah Hijawi

Menu of Dis/appearance, brings us together in a much needed setting—around the table to break bread. Mirna Bamieh’s work narrates stories about time, history, and the parts of ourselves that slip away with lost food traditions. In her dinner-table performance she takes us on a journey through the dishes that are slowly disappearing from the Palestinian table, as access to wild foraging is restricted by colonial appropriation of both the land and the foods of the Palestinians over time. In this work, the artist takes the audience through the violence embedded in the meticulous erasure of identity of the colonised, even in their food culture.


Palestine Hosting Society is a live-art project founded and run by artist/cook Mirna Bamieh in which she seeks to examine the culture of food in Palestine that aims to construct and reconstruct their relationships to place, history, society and politics, through food. The research unfolds through eating, reading, and conversation. The research develops into culinary interventions that unpack social concerns and limitations vis-à-vis contemporary political dilemmas, reflecting upon the conditions that characterise contemporary Palestinian communities.

Mirna Bamieh is an artist from Ramallah/ Palestine. She obtained a B.A in Psychology from Birzeit University in Ramallah (2002-06). M.F.A. in Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem (2011-2013). Ashkal Alwan HomeWorks study program in Beirut (2013/14). Her work attempts to understand and contemplate the ever-shifting politics, while equally questioning notions of land and geographies of in-between temporality. Her work looks at scenarios that take the language of the absurd and the ironic and uses them as tools for political commentary. Currently, she is working on developing works that use the mediums of storytelling, and food for creating situational performances such as: Potato Talks Project, Palestine Hosting Society

Menu of Dis/appearance worldwide premiere in New York, commissioned by the Fisher Center for Performing Arts, for the Live Arts Bard Biennial: Where No Wall Remains (2019)

Aesthetics of the Political, presented by SoundImageCulture, is a program of different encounters that takes time to look closely at the critical language, and forms of resistance in artistic work. 

Curated by Samah Hijawi

In partnership with Chair Mahmoud Darwich, BOZAR, Pianofabriek and Beursschouwburg. Supported by VGC, SCAM, SABAM for Culture, Kunstenwerkplaats, OMAM/MSH.

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