Modern Sound Korea Idiotape + Say Sue Me + Raw by Peppers


Modern Sound Korea Idiotape + Say Sue Me + Raw by Peppers

FR 26.04.2019 21:30

A killer line-up with a powerful mix of guitars and electro to bridge the gap between Korea and the rest of the world. w/ Korean Cultural Center

This trio from Seoul plays hard-as-nails electro-rock (for lack of a better term) with six synths and a drum kit. Its members represent diverse musical backgrounds ranging from the clubbing scene to heavy metal and punk. As a band they take inspiration from classic Korean rock of the 60s and 70s. Their three LPs and four EPs bristle with an undercurrent of EDM vibes. “So it’s some sort of K-pop or what?” Nope! With their original interpretation of electro and rock they have created their own signature genre. In 2011 they took their unique sound to SXSW and in 2014 the group opened for Phoenix in Seoul. Now the time has come for their global cult fanbase to open a Brussels lodge.

Inspired by the surf culture of the coastal city of Busan in South Korea, this four-piece band plays a glorious indie-mix of surf rock, dreampop and shoegaze. The female singer and her three musicians have won over the hearts of music mavens at i-D, BBC6, Dazed and KEXP (to name just a few). Since 2013 “the most famous Korean indie band in the world” has released a slew of EPs, covers, compilations and two strong albums, and now they’re bringing their sunshine vibes to our very own Beursschouwburg. Pado taro gaja! (Let’s go surfing!)

These three Korean post-rockers have amassed one hell of a live reputation with their experimental guitar sound. Their tracks are full of repetitive distortions and textures that layer up to an explosive climax. In 2017 they stole the show at Primavera Sound Festival. Not long after, they moved to Berlin to establish a base from which to conquer Europe and (yes, please!) work on their new album. And get this: they usually manage to record their new tracks in a single take. This bodes well for their gig in Brussels …