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Giuseppe Lanno A Meeting

Giuseppe Lanno A Meeting

FR 14.02.2020 20:00

What happens when two people meet in person just to have sex? 

Two people living in different countries get to know each other on Instagram and while talking about their common job as filmmakers decide to meet in person to film themselves in the experience of sharing their sexualities, their vision of sex and the representation of it while discovering an improvised and uncertain intimacy. 

They spend a couple of days together trying to bond through sex and asking themselves questions about their way of living it. What happens when two people meet in person just to have sex? Can they understand each other? How would they spend the time out of the bed? Would they be able to feel free on this first and only meeting? The only way to answer was to get naked physically and emotionally. 

Giuseppe Lanno is a filmmaker and photographer based in Bologna. DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) graduate, he later specialized in screenwriting with a diploma from the Film Connection Institute of Los Angeles. Working on different types of production, he focused on music creating several videoclips, documentaries and promotional videos for artists. Other works are mainly art related since he works with national theaters and cultural events.