my porny valentine

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We made this year's edition extra porny, you might want a ticket (right here) or you can join us for a free porny party bar talk.




17:00 PORNY BAR is open!
21:00 PORNY TALKS - Porn and sexuality as a Black Queer and/or Trans* Individual w/ Cheraldo Valpoort, Rachael Moore, Ophélie Mac Coco & Olave Nduwanje
23:00 PORNY PARTY (till 3)
ongoing expo by @A.S. Disposable + looped screening by Erika Lust


19:00 films part I
19:00 Workshop on self pleasure and sex toys w/ Mac Coco
19:00 Workshop on sexual essence and identity as a sub or a dom w/ Rachael Moore
20:00 films part II
21:00 films part III
22:00 films part IV


w/ Stien De Vrieze (concept & film programme), Creature. Bxl (scenography) & Rainbow Nation Brussels 


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