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Noel Alejandro Serodiscordantes

Noel Alejandro Serodiscordantes

FR 14.02.2020 20:00

Consumed by the guilt, Miguel was doing his best to keep Evaristo safe and apart of the tension, but he knew he couldn't hide it any longer when dark thoughts started taking on his dreams. Seeking the mystic help of a pendulum, both lovers enter a dangerous game of questions that will reveal the most undesirable intimacy. In the time of a day, they'll go together through the fear of the illness, the subtle loss of the innocence, and the unparalleled complicity that arises from deep truth.

Noel Alejandro is an independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director from Barcelona whose work explores pornography as a tool to question society’s old standards. His films go beyond the explicit, being set to live in a blend between cinema and erotica.

Noel’s force strives for a more sensitive way of scriptwriting, setting up each story in order to continuously push pre-settled boundaries of filmmaking. His films aim to portray the human intimacy behind feelings and pleasure through simple, cinematic and natural scenes, a style that would become Noel’s trademark.