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Rachael Moore on sexual essence and identity as a sub or a dom
FR 14.02.2020 19:00

Are u a Dom or a Sub? Come and find out with Mistress RaeRae! w/ Rainbow Nation Brussels

When was the last time you met a black femme Dom(me)? When you think of kink are BPOC people part of that fantasy? What roles do they play? Have you been to a play party as a QTBPOC and how was that experience for you? What defines your sexual essence? Do you see yourself as a sexual being?

Domination and Submission is a kink practice that involves trust, pleasure, safety, care, ongoing consent and mutual power exchange.

Mistress RaeRae is a Black Queer womxn*, who is ready to share her practice with you.

Though everyone is welcome this event is predominantly for: BPoC Femmes, BPoC Trans people, BPoC non-binary people, BPoC LBQI womxn*.

You can come with a partner or by yourself.

Kink outfits are not a requirement but always very appreciated.

In English (French and Duch are welcome)

Curated by Rainbow Nation Brussels

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