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altSHIFT Love Your Cunt

altSHIFT Love Your Cunt

FR 14.02.2020 21:00

Every cunt is different and we’re sick of vagina owners only seeing one portrayal in mainstream media so we’re here to say ‘Love your cunt! Love it if it’s hairy; love it if it’s shaved. Love it if your lips swing low or if they’re all shy and tucked away.’Not one cunt is the same. Don’t let anyone tell you how your cunt should look. Don’t let anyone tell you how your cunt should feel. Your cunt isn’t on trial, your cunt is the fucking judge!

altSHIFT is a partnership of two filmmakers with over 15 years of experience in feature and short films, TV and branded content. They recently started altSHIFT to utilise our expertise to create alternative porn, moving away from mainstream practices in the industry. They have a passion to make beautiful, arousing and unusual content. They want to harness our audiences’ progressive understanding and practice of sexuality, moving away from well-worn porn tropes that can create a false sense of ‘real’ sex. They care about LGBTQ+ stories, kink and BDSM, #MeToo, feminism, ethical non-monogamy, subverting traditional relationship roles, gender fluidity, and the orgasm gap to name a few. They want their porn to turn you on, but also to address the policing of our gender and sexuality.