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Porny Talks

Porny Talks

FR 14.02.2020 21:00

Porn and sexuality as a Black Queer and/or Trans* Individual w/ Cherr Brown, Rachael Moore, Ophélie Mac Coco & Olave Nduwanje

21:00 Reading of queer erotica by Olave Nduwanje

Olave is a Black, non-binary, trans femme writer, activist and lawyer.

21:30 Cherr Brown

Cherr Brown on creating his own content through OnlyFans and Twitter, on his recent first experience with a studio, on how becoming Mother Cherry Ebony in Ballroom, on the fetishisation of Black Bodies in porn & his approach to sexuality, gender identity and gender expression.

21:45 break

22:00 Discussion between Olave, Cherr Brown, Rachael and Ophélie on sexuality as a Black Queer person

curated by Rainbow Nation Brussels