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Sally Fenaux Barleycorn Another Sex Dimension

Sally Fenaux Barleycorn Another Sex Dimension

FR 14.02.2020 21:00

Erotic sci-fi! A magical red light takes a group of curious youngsters to another sex dimension.

A group of old time friends get together at an abandoned house in the outskirts of the city. While they are sitting in a circle talking, a noise becomes louder and louder. A sort of buzzing sound that comes from somewhere inside the house. They start searching the house and finally find a rectangle on the floor, the size of a single bed, that emits a strong red light. They feel magically drawn to walk into the light. What happens next is out of this world - or to be precise - out of this dimension.

Sally is an Afro-European filmmaker based in Barcelona. Her first fiction short film ‘Skinhearts’ premiered in Amsterdam in 2015. Obsessed with light, composition and body language, she wants to direct films that explore, in original ways, a deeper human consciousness and contemporary themes about the societies we live in.