NiXiE'S: Vanishing Twin / Dijf Sanders / dj Venus In Cancer


NiXiE'S: Vanishing Twin / Dijf Sanders / dj Venus In Cancer

FR 03.02.2017 22:00

Nixie's back!! <3


Formed in 2015, Vanishing Twin came together to make the exploratory record 'Choose your own adventure' that marries oblique English pop with a palette of arkestral sounds.

Drawing on sounds outside of the usual pop vocabulary, the group used forgotten drum machines, home-made electronics, vibraphones, tablas, and harp to invoke the esoteric psychedelia of lost soundtracks, radiophonic experiments and minimal music orchestras. In a studio that Catto built for maximum atmosphere and minimum interfere, and crammed with obscure vintage equipment, he brought his own distinctive sonics to the table, informed by outsider jazz, Italian library music and ethnographic field recordings.


Dijf Sanders (Teddiedrum, The Violent Husbands, producer of Blackie & The Oohoos,...) takes you on a wonderful journey into future exotica. Tribal rhythms, warm melodies, electronics, deep melancholy and spoken word fused to a seamless and beautiful musical work in utopia.

'Moonlit Planetarium', his latest album, takes you on a trip of yet undiscovered regions, where the most diverse individuals have met in a flawless vibe to retire in harmony and peace whilst wondering what the so called civilization has done to their former planet.

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Venus in Cancer takes you on a journey with a selection of trippy tunes. She dances between dark instrumentals and psychedelic vibes. Female voices are essential in her sets. She enchants, makes you dance. Her mission is to marry the dark with the light, the inner world with the outer world. For music, reminds us that All is One.