Slagwerk & Perron Zes: Oli XL + Detente & Nunu + Terribilis


Slagwerk & Perron Zes: Oli XL + Detente & Nunu + Terribilis

FR 07.12.2018 22:00

When two (p)arty collectives unite…

The Belgian besties Perron Zes and Slagwerk are inviting a bunch of obscure dancefloor druids to boldly explore the musical wilderness together.

From Stockholm they welcome Oli XL, one of the most intriguing new artists of the underground clubbing scene. His EP Stress Junkie, released this year, is packed with unconventional, funky rhythms. He describes it as Source Direct meets Basement Jaxx meets devastating drums and serene ambient.

Sound artist Detente looks into the past through a kaleidoscope, expanding his sound repertoire with every set. Fragmented human emotions are translated into hypernaive guitar riffs that are sometimes sincere and sometimes mere ironic disillusion.

Following his very warmly received EP Mind Body DIalogue in 2016, Nunu has continued to make waves across Europe with a style of mixing that’s as delicate as it is brutal.

London-based Terribilis takes musical inspiration from mental illness to create a fusion of drones, ambient and chaotic breaks. The Wire described her music as “melodically complex territory, with pulsing lyricism and wandering, purgatorial negotiation of light and darkness”.