Jota Mombaça, Denise Ferreira da Silva & Anti Ribeiro opera infinita, chapter A: The Red Earth
FR 17.12 20:30
SA 18.12 19:00
SA 18.12 21:00

"Not a theater play. Not a performance."

"Here, in the red earth, we listen to the many, many voices. We gather. Eyes closed, mouth wide open, words boiling. You feel the sound reaching your skin. Haptic. There is nothing deeper than that. The touch is everywhere. Here, in the red earth. We gather."


Jota Mombaça is an indisciplinary artist whose work derives from poetry, critical theory and performance. The sonic and visual matter of words plays an important role in their practice, which often relates to anti-colonial critique and gender disobedience. Through performance, visionary fiction and situational strategies of knowledge production, they intend to rehearse the end of the world as we know it and the figuration of what comes after we dislodge the Modern-Colonial subject off its podium.

Denise Ferreira da Silva is a Professor and Director of The Social Justice Institute (GRSJ) at the University of British Columbia. She is the author of Toward a Global Idea of Race and co-editor of Race, Empire, and The Crisis of the Subprime (with Paula Chakravartty). Her art-related work includes texts for publications linked to the 2016 Liverpool and and Sao Paulo Biennales, Venice 2017, and Documenta 14, as well as collaborations, such as the play Return of the Vanishing Peasant, with Ros Martin, the films Serpent Rain (2016) and 4Waters-Deep Implicancy (2018), with Arjuna Neuman; and events (performances, talks, and private sessions) and texts related Poethical Readings and the Sensing Salon, with Valentina Desideri.