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WILD STYLE Charlie Ahearn
film screening music documentary
WE 03.06.2015 22:30

The greatest old skool hip hop movie of all time.

Wild Style is a true cult classic! Writer/director/producer Charlie Ahearn documents the emergence of an underground hip-hop scene in the streets of New York just before its global breakthrough, and belonged to the mainstream pop culture.
He wraps his eye-witness account in a fictional story about everyday life/survival in the urban jungle of graffiti artist Zorro. Zorro is played by the legendary Lee Quiñones, the great innovator of the New York street-art movement (together with Keith Haring and Basquiat).
The story is just a pretext to work up to one of the most notorious hip-hop concerts in history. With all the pioneers who stood on the barricades of the cultural revolution, including DJs, rappers, freestyle MCs and break-dancers like Grand Master Flash, The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Fab Five Freddy, The Rock Steady Crew and The Cold Crush Bros.

US, 1983, 83’
© Charlie Ahearn / Wild Style