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John Badham Saturday Night Fever


John Badham Saturday Night Fever

music film
TH 05.06.2014 22:30

“You can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man - no time to talk,” sing The Bee-Gees. Disco classic with John Travolta.

Tony Manero from Brooklyn lives it up at the weekend. On Saturday he blow-dries his hair, squeezes into his tight trousers and sets off for the disco, leaving his cares behind. Under the sparkling ball he is the king and there’s no-one better on the dance floor.

The young John Travolta is unforgettable when he sensually wiggles his hips to the Bee-Gees’ hit soundtrack in this ultimate disco classic.

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fiction, music film
118 min.
© Paramount
US - 1977