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OUT LOUD x AB x Selene Alexa

OUT LOUD x AB x Selene Alexa

FR 14.06 17:00

Selene's friends (and friends of friends) gather for a grimey, hybrid and diasporic club explosion.

Beursschouwburg asked neighbours AB, AB asked the ever-edgy Selene Alexa, and Selene asked her most energetic, hybrid and grimey friends – whether they’re from the block or the other side of the globe. The result is a big boom banger of a club night with Cassius Select (Toronto-to-Sidney-to-Europe), Brussels alternative rapper Dracoboy, the legendary Gaika's new live band, and a showcase by Oroko Radio featuring afro-diasporic club sets by Ohjeelo (Ivory Coast-Paris) and Emma Korantema (Ghana-London).

Cassius Select
Oroko Radio Showcase with Ohjeelo & Emma Korantema