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OUT LOUD x opening night x Liaison

OUT LOUD x opening night x Liaison

WE 05.06 17:00

Out Loud opens with Georgian flavours and a taste for a future hub for queer migrant artists.

This collective of queer musicians with migrant backgrounds has found a temporary rehearsal studio with our Globe Aroma neighbours and is busy creating a hub for queer migrant artists. Get a taste of what that's like with a summer mix of live music, steamy DJ sets, and Georgian snacks.

Henry Keller 
Davit Mariamidze
Alma América
Ano Machavariani
Mano Svanidze   

17:00 rooftop bar open
17:00 Henry Keller (dj set)
19:00 opening remarks on the rooftop
19:10 Davit Mariamidze and Alma América performing a Georgian Love Song
'Guls Rad Miklav - გულს რად მიკლავ'
19:20 Mezzo-soprano Ano Machavariani and Piano Mano Svanidze performing
'Sposa son disprezzata' by Antonio Vivaldi
19:30 AINCH1TH (dj set + performance)
21:00 AMINA808 (concert) 
21:30 DJ KOUG (dj set)
23:15 AMI (dj set) > 01:00

ONGOING > installation of Alma América on how missing familiar sounds leads to homesickness and a feeling of emptiness.