Paper Hats + GodzillaOverkill + Billy Palmier


Paper Hats + GodzillaOverkill + Billy Palmier

concert dj set nightlife
FR 16.06.2017 22:00

An eclectic evening on the roof terrace. From krautrock to disco – Yes, you will dance!

☞ Paper Hats (BE)


A cross between Orbital and Joy Division – that's something that cannot be missed on our Out Loud poster. On their Facebook page, the Brussels-based Paper Hats band has posted YouTube films of CAN, Daf, Suicide, Portishead, White Noise and Devo, thereby divulging the musical inspirations of their pulsating and ultimately danceable Krautrock. These Brussels guys and gals aim to take you live into a whirlwind bursting with slightly muzzled euphoria.

Expect a mountain high of synths and organs, combined with a live drummer, a mixing panel and a battery of special effects. Travel along on the trip called the Paper Hats. Dancing? Oh – definitely! 

☞ GodzillaOverkill (FR)


We have known about GodzillaOverkill for a while now, but maybe you haven't met him yet. Let us introduce you. This good fellow came all the way from France to apprentice with us at the Beursschouwburg. Then it suddenly went wrong. We don't know if it was the influence of his stage manager, or just too many stimulants from the city of Brussels, but suddenly our well-behaved apprentice was out there making music.

GodzillaOverkill is a young man with a skirt, a voice twisted by autotune, hopeless melodies and a belly full of fury. Cold-blooded, yet desperate and in search of tenderness. Will you come cheer him on? He needs you...


☞ Billy Palmier (BE)

dj-set Billie Palmier (the founding father of Citywurl Records) is an artist from Brussels whose style cannot be summarized. He describes it as 'a mix of jazz, hip-hop, soul with an electronic touch, influenced by French hip-hop from the 1990s, soul, funk and electronic music'. For Out Loud, Billy quickly lets fly some sunny boogie, disco en straight-up melodic house in the silver hall.