Peaking Lights + Rick Shiver


Peaking Lights + Rick Shiver

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FR 30.06.2017 22:00

Psychedelic trip on the dance floor. This is officially summer, for sure!

☞ Peaking Lights (US)


If there is a single musical couple we absolutely adore, then it is Peaking Lights. This dub-noise-psych-pop duo carries us along on an epic vibe, thanks to their atmospheric synths. They interweave pulsating electronica, controlled feedback, organ, synth, guitar and vocal harmonies into a brilliant noise-pop. This is the perfect soundtrack for a mysterious discovery of abandoned streets, or bicycle trips in the nighttime

You may have been there a few years back, when Peaking Lights played the roof down in our silver hall. If you weren't, then you certainly need to be sure that you don't miss this one. If you were, then you will want to be there. In short, life is always positive, chock-full of new chances..


☞ Rick Shiver (BE)


Rick Shiver has a nose that commands respect – a nose for good music, of course. The man is a DJ, a tropical dandy and the inventor of the Nose Job party concept. He operates out of Brussels, and has been a resident DJ at Libertine Supersport, Dirty Dancing and Ta Gueule.

Rick Shiver plays eclectically, everything from old to new, every sound and every style, all mixed together. Anyway you look at it, he gets you dancing!