Sigur Rós: Heima
rooftop screening
TH 22.06.2017 22:30

As much a tribute to the stunning landscapes of Iceland as it is a concert tour.

Heima chronicles two weeks in 2006 when acclaimed post-rock band Sigur Ros played their ethereal music during free performances in far-flung corners of their beautiful homeland.

In the summer of 2006, Sigur Rós completed their successful worldwide tour of more than a year with a two-week concert series along fifteen locations in their home country, the isolated and rugged island in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland. Heima literally means ‘home’ and with it, the group literally return to their roots. Besides a final performance in Reykjavik, the band, devoid of all commercial imperatives, opt for unusual locations and free performances for the locals - a beautiful mix of young and old - in a magnificent tribute to the people and nature.

Director DeBlois managed to capture the beautiful and strange backgrounds with a good eye for composition. The film meanders along community centres, parish halls, ghost towns, national parks, small settlements, abandoned factories and the uninhabited and snowy highlands. The result is more than just a concert recording, Sigur Rós take the concept soundscape very literally by combining landscape and music in a magical way. The band place a post-rock sound blanket of dreamy melodic sounds - electric guitars, drums, violins - and pours Jonsi's sharp and bright voice over it against the backdrop of the rough and wonderful island of Iceland, making Heima a symphonic poem.

Dean DeBlois, Iceland, 1997, 97 min. © Klikk Film / Cinema Purgatorio