Out Loud!

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Beursschouwburg is celebrating the end of a cultural season with Out Loud!. For a whole month, we are inviting everyone onto the roof terrace with its adjacent bar and silver room. In the evening we will be screening films and dancing to live music. In the afternoon we open our doors for lunch with a picnic.


This year, the Out Loud! film series is all about the Swinging Sixties. It was a groovy decade and a turbulent one too: decolonization, emancipation, civil rights movements, Vietnam, make love not war & blow their minds,...
Eight special music and concert films will give you a kaleidoscopic view of the 1960s, with folk, pop and rock‘n’roll forming the soundtrack of a new generation.
Screening at 10.30pm


Enjoy the concerts on the Rooftop terrace and chat about all the hair tossing in the audience in front of you. While the films on offer focus on the Swinging Sixties, the musical selection will encompass a very broad range: national meets international, wild meets gentle, we meet you.
Apéroconcerts are scheduled for 7pm, concerts for 9pm. Afterwards: DJ Nixie's!


Escape from your regular lunch spot, hitch up those Lederhosen and head up the stairs with your lunchbox. From Monday to Friday you can eat your lunch on Beursschouwburg’s rooftop terrace. We’ll provide you with sunglasses.
Don’t forget to bring your own drinks and sandwiches!
Picnic between 12am and 2pm