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A Hard Day's Night


A Hard Day's Night

music film
WE 12.06.2013 22:30

When We Was Fab: back to Beatlemania!

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Richard Lester’s innovative film is a tempestuous cross-media synthesis of pop art, pop music, new wave cinema and an evocation of the crazed period during the rise of The Beatles, better known as ‘Beatlemania’. We follow a day and a half in the lives of the Fab Four: John, Paul, George and Ringo make their way through 1960s swinging London trying to make it to an important TV appearance on time. In the meantime, they run from shrieking fans, tackle dumb questions from the press, play all sorts of pranks and come out with some of the greatest pop songs of all time, including Can’t Buy Me Love and the title song A Hard Day’s Night.


Richard Lester, GB, 1964, 87’
© Proscenium Films / Walter Shenson Films