Out Loud!



FR 14.06.2013 19:00

“The general gloom MIAUX spreads on her sandwiches is darker than Tatort and could easily replace any soundtrack of a Fassbinder movie, the sad joy of a lady from Sarajevo pushing her entire hands into a keyboard, don't ask her for an ‘encore’ or you'll receive a grim reward!

Miaux, the moniker of Mia Prce, was born in Sarajevo in 1982, where she lived until she was 7 years old. Both her parents were painters and visited Antwerp, where they've ended up in the vibrant art freakscene around Ercola, one of the oldest artist collectives in Antwerp. In this space, Mia got used to naked hippies rolling on the floor during their happenings. She also got hooked on her father's cassettes of Embryo, Neu, Brainticket and Roxy Music. Bored with not understanding any other children her age, Mia started pushing her fingers into a casio at age 5, later to be classically trained on piano by a woman with a backwards wig on her head!