Panik en ville 35 years Radio Panik


Panik en ville 35 years Radio Panik

SA 01.12.2018 13:30 - 05:00

35 years of grassroots radio in a double dose on our dance floor.

After 35 years, Brussels' grassiest grass-roots radio station is greener and lusher than ever! Their humongous party, spanning multiple locations, starts early at 2 pm at the Beurscafé, with tasty tropical vibes – just the ticket to warm up in December! Food stands, funky DJs and a feast of no fewer than six (!!) concerts, thank you very much!

And that's just for starters: from 10 pm the party will break out in the Zilveren Zaal (note: you need a ticket for this part!) with a lineup that will set even the rustiest dancers on fire! We'll dive into the darkness with experimental music from the underbelly of Brussels and its neighbouring cities (read: Antwerp and ... France). Finally we'll sail triumphantly into the dawn on the back of two digger-DJ sets.


13:30 Plateforme radio
15:00 Ballet Furah
16:30 Da Pemba
18:00 Mismo
18:30 Radio Vedette
19:00 Utopanik
22:00 GAML
22:45 Castus
23:45 The Big Horse One Man Band
00:30 Flying Platane
01:30 Schattenjacht


22:00 Toten radio (intermezzo)
22:40 Don Kapot
23:40 Borokov Borokov
00:30 Volcan la Pete
02:00 LostSoundBytes
03:00 DJ Sofa
04: 00: Frédérique Franke (DJ-set)

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