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SA 26.10.2019 22:30

Former artist in residence Golin invites her musical crushes.

22:30 - 04:00

Darling-in-residence Golin concludes her Beursschouwburg residency with a careful-aggressive, curated line-up of her musical heartthrobs. This first evening of the near future is titled Peko Peko, which means something like ‘to be dented or hollowed out’, ‘to retreat’ or ‘to sink’. This could refer either to Golin’s departure or the zeitgeist of a generation, but certainly not to the musical fireworks of Astrid Gnosis, Rui Ho, Ivan Cheng, DJ Buga and Summer Satana. The long version of the title: how anarchy, fluorescent green, obscure manga, poetic souls and an alarmingly-high BPM can fill hearts with a powerful shot of the near future.

Astrid Gnosis (live set)
This Spanish-Colombian multidisciplinary artist from London makes music as destructive as it is conceptual, philosophical and socially critical, always in search of the light.

Rui Ho (dj set)
Based in Berlin, the Chinese Rui Ho makes electro that melds cutting-edge clubbing with traditional Chinese sounds and stories. Her sets are a bittersweet mix distilled from all things hardcore.

Ivan Cheng (performance)
The Australian Ivan Cheng is a clarinettist, conceptual artist and performer. In his wide-ranging practice he examines the misunderstandings, frictions and desires of reading-as-action.

Dj Buga (dj set)
This Brussels night owl has no doubt already played at your favourite club and/or festival and, as a fully-certified member of the Golin framily, was bound to appear in this line-up.

Summer Satana (live set)
Poetic screams and whispers (and pulsing beats) from a Brussels underground power-princess from the multidisciplinary art crew Cultural Workers.

Artwork by Tanja Nakouzi

This evening is curated by Golin as a closing event of her residency at Beursschouwburg.

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