Phoenician Drive + Direction Survet


Phoenician Drive + Direction Survet

concert release party
TH 11.10.2018 20:00

Groovy oriental trance with a hearty kraut sauce. Or the other way around.

This six-member band from the cultural maelstrom of Brussels doesn't know any difference between East and West. Influenced by 1970s psychedelica (Erkin Koray, Orient Express) and German kraut rock (Neu!, Faust) they invent a whole new genre right in front of your eyes. Some critics have called it ‘Afrikrautrock’. But we want to just sway all at once and dance as hard as we can.

The experimental funk-rockers of Direction Survet are as analogue as they are electro — think of 'Pink Floyd on your old Gameboy Colour'—  and it's danceable too!  They are coming from Lyon to open our evening.