Moogisha + Porcelain id


Moogisha + Porcelain id

WE 14.09.2022 20:00

18:30 doors
20:00 Moogisha
21:00 Porcelain id

Thanks to the elegance of his Blues-voicing guitar solos, his percussive rhythms inspired from Hip-Hop and his harmonic finesse learned from Jazz, guitarist and producer Moogisha has been able to forge his own musical singularity. His influences are John Mayer, Tom Misch and Parcels among other musicians.

Porcelain id is the Rwandan Hubert Tuyishime. Moving between poetic and idiosyncratic vocals, with influences from classic pop and lo-fi, their songs hit a raw nerve: vulnerable, sincere and authentic. Unday Records released Porcelain id’s first official release, the double A-side single ‘Muschel/Vlaanderen’. The track ‘Vlaanderen’ is an idiosyncratic gospel song about the complexities of falling outside the margins.