Jiskefet Debiteuren, Crediteuren: Marathon


Jiskefet Debiteuren, Crediteuren: Marathon

single screening
WE 23.10.2013 17:00

“Good morning, Jos.” “Good morning this morning, Edgar and Miss Jannie.” “Good morning, gentlemen of the good life.”

Jiskefet* was an absurdistic series which ran from 1990 to 2005 on the Dutch VPRO television channel, and was written by Kees Prins, Michiel Romeyn and Herman Koch*. The programme was made up of sketches and improvisations. One of the regular features was Debiteuren Crediteuren [Debtors Creditors], a spoof of office life. Jos, Edgar, colleague Storm and obese secretary Miss Jannie work in accounting and get through the day with off-the-wall humour. With recurring topics: sandwich spreads, recent events at the tram stop and the coffee break with Miss Jannie. If you have missed your vocation as an office clerk, or simply like humour of the more offbeat kind, do not miss the Debiteuren Crediteuren Marathon!* Unadulterated fun!

*Jiskefet is Frisian for "litter bin".
* Yes, Herman Koch, the Herman Koch, successful author who wrote Het Diner en Zomerhuis met zwembad*.

A program of Herman Koch, Kees Prins, Michiel Romeyn and Annet Malherbe
Production: Jiskefet Producties B.V., Amsterdam & VPRO, Hilversum
Music: Rik Vrijman
Set: Jan Willem Dey
Customes & accessories: Rebecca Geskus
Make up: Arjen van der Grijn
Sound Editing: Peter Warnier
Editing: Erik van Dieren, Geert Kistenmaker
Director assistent: Caroline Duijndam
Production: Annemiek van der Hell, Ellen Jens
Studio: Ellen Jens
Research & montage “Missers”: Caroline Duijndam
Coordination VPRO: Marjolijn Bronkhuyzen
Production assistent: Joop van Pelt
Coordination Jiskefet: Neeltje Mooring

In collaboration with deBuren