SIC Public Presentation


SIC Public Presentation

TH 19.12.2013 18:00

SoundImageCulture - The intersection of cinema, anthropology and contemporary art

Eva la Cour Pre-studies for a film

35 min
The film explores the relationship between my own attempt to make a film about a scientific northern lights expedition to Iceland in 1899-1900, and my Grandfathers attempt to study northern lights on the basis of photography. 

Julie Pfleiderer Infinite Jetzt

19 min
Infinite Jetzt is a film about leaving and arriving. Three Faces, one story? What kind of memories do we share and can these memories be shared? “Infinite Jetzt” is the search for the authentic, the true story, the true memory in three different characters. Where do truth and fiction meet? A dance on the border of documentary and fiction.

Sanaz Azari Je suis le pays

30 min
Burundi, November 2010. Looking straight into the camera an interpreter translates word by word the dialogues of a theaterpiece that is staged outside the scope of viewer. A metaphor for the powerrelationships in Afrika.

Miki Ambrózy Fabric of Time

40 min
Fabric of Time takes us to 1980s Hungary through sound recordings, photographs and performative re-enactments of childhood. By means of a three-layered structure, the cinematic experiment implicitly talks about the author's point of view on his family's history and domestic conflict, while constructing memories for the years purposefully forgotten.

Isobel Clouter Poems of Muirne

31 min
Poems of Muirne explores the landscape of female development through a series of short sound-led scenes allowing one to 'hear' from a child's perspective. Part auto-ethnography, part fiction this piece acknowledges that all moving image is a construct, and traverses the real and the imagined in an attempt to identify influences that perpetuate the female perception of self in English culture. Including intimate and changing acoustic perspectives this film explores a young girls inner life as she grows up in Soho...

Ccil Michel Les fantômes de Lovanium

40 min
In the shadow of the trees, on the university campus of Kinshasha – UniKin – the former Lovanium - a Congolese popular painter prepares his canvas. Using images of former leaders, the painter retraces the events of a forgotten and violently repressed student revolt in the sixties, under the regime of Mobutu (production AJC).

Eva la Cour The film about the Northern lights Expedition

The installation explores the film as a construction of information and spatial structure. A 'filmic narrative' is comprised by five separate monitors displayed in a row formation, which juxtapose and structure five different forms of filmic representations of the 'out of reach'.

18:00 Doors + intro SIC
18:30 Eva la Cour Pre-studies for a film
19:15 Julie Pfleiderer Infinite Jetzt
19:45 Sanaz Azari Je suis le pays
20:30 Miki Ambrózy Fabrik of Time
21:30 - 22:00 break
22:00 Isobel Clouter Poems of Muirne
22:45 Ccil Michel Les fantômes de Lovanium

Installation Eva la Cour The film about the Northern lights Expedition

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