SoundImageCulture 2022


SoundImageCulture 2022

SCREENINGS discussion
SA 10.12 20:30

After a year-long trajectory with SIC, filmmakers present, exchange and discuss their work (in progress).

SoundImageCulture is a nomadic workspace in Brussels where artists, filmmakers, anthropologists … can find support to realise their personal projects. SIC offers a one- year program in Brussels that involves artistic coaching through collective seminars, individual mentoring, group critiques, and inter-artist dialogue.

With the participants of SIC 2022: Adina Balatova, Christina Phoebe, Clara Wieck, Danial Shah, Géraldine Py & Roberto Verde, Jonas Beerts, Lisette Olsthoorn, Luis Pizarro Perez, Matti Suthcliffe, Messaline Raverdy, Mirna Everhard, Olivia Molnar, Sandra Bühler, Sarah Michel, Thiago Antunes de Oliveira Santos.