SNAP! Sex Workers Narratives Arts and Politics

SNAP! Sex Workers Narratives Arts and Politics

performance film expo talk
27 MAY — 28 MAY 2022

A festival dedicated to the representations, issues and discourses related to sex work, such as escorting, sex cam, porn and BDSM.

SNAP!’s primary goal is to give voice to sex workers working in the various sex trades and to shed light from the inside on the experiences of these activities that are too often misunderstood and stigmatized.

The works presented at SNAP! are created exclusively by sex workers or in active collaboration with them. They focus on minorities working in the sex industry, whether on an occasional or principal basis, as well as the meaning they give to these economic practices. LGBTQI issues, migration, gender, use of the self, precarity: through the life perspectives of sex workers, SNAP! challenges us to take a feminist, queer and intersectional look at contemporary social and political issues.

in collaboration with UTSOPI, Union of Sex Workers Organized for Independence



17:00 Stalls HO VILLAGE (free)
18:00 Opening expo and guided tour with the artists WHORE AND PAINTER (free)
18:00 Looped screening DEEP INSIDE SEX WORKERS MINDS (free)
20:00 Performance GAZE.S Marianne Chargois & Romy Alizée (get a ticket)
21:30 Performances FUCKING GENDER (free)



14:00  Stalls HO VILLAGE (free)
14:00 Expo WHORE AND PAINTER (free)
14:00 Looped screening DEEP INSIDE SEX WORKERS MINDS (free)
15:00 Focus PORN & VIRTUAL SEX WORK (get a ticket)
Screening & talk HOME WORKING OF SEX w/ Carmina and Prune 
Performance LIVE PORN SHOOT w/ Axel Abysse & Yoshi Kawasaki
17:00 Focus WORDS OF WHORES (free)
Round-table Autobiographical and Political THE WHORE WRITING PROCESSES
Performed Readings
19:00 - 4:00 Performances Party PUTES & RADICALES (get a ticket)
Apéro Porn
Whore Performances & DJ set w/ Nour Beetch, Lisa Lapierre, GÆRALD, Samantha, Ling Baxter, Kori Brawn, Noixdekadjou, Leone, Nelo Gevers, Théophylle Ducreux, Chorale Pute