Invest more in arts, rather than less.


Because our arts are internationally renowned. Because that makes us proud. Because our artists tell necessary stories about who we are. Because these stories give us something to hold on to or challenge us. Because our arts are deeply interwoven with our culture. Because the creative sectors employ 171,265 people who together create 12.5 billion euros of added value. Because that sector is doing better than our chemical or car industry, for example. Because our arts are pioneering in this sector. Because they even have an artistic advantage over the rest of the world’s art scene. Because we have to maintain that lead. Because that also starts with innovative, small-scale projects. Because our arts are worthy of your trust and that of all Flemish people. That's why we ask our government to invest in arts MORE, rather than LESS. It doesn't have to be much more, but it certainly shouldn’t be less.