SUPAFLY INVITES Elotomi + DJ Mab'ish


SUPAFLY INVITES Elotomi + DJ Mab'ish

SA 24.11.2018 22:00

Brussels invites Paris for hip-hop gold.

All-round artist Mab’ish wears many hats: she’s a member of the record label Beat X Changers, a formidable dancer, a resident at radio Le Mellotron, an event organiser and a serial turntable-killer. Her record collection abounds with varied vibes and her DJ sets are groove-bombs of hiphop, soul, house, disco and broken beat. Almost forgot: she’s also got her own YouTube channel, “Le Cercle de Mab’ish”, on which she showcases her records and dance skills.

The talented Elotomi sings, raps and writes her own songs. She’s a fan of brutalism and minimalism, which means she focuses on both the bigger picture and the finer details. Her musical inspirations are eclectic and classical at the same time: Lauryn Hill, Billie Holliday, Sinead O’Connor, Little Simz, Nai Palm and Thom Yorke all stole her heart, little by little. And we’re pretty sure she will steal yours with her crazy combination of all these influences. She’s fascinated by her own subconscious, broaching topics in her work like narcissism and ego trips, absurd dreams, traumas and epiphanies, all with a disarming honesty. Femininity and feminism are also an integral part of her work.