Aziza + SVDU
WE 06.10 20:00

Come a little closer to feel the warm glow of these two storytellers.

Aziza has been performing with artists such as Anwar, Besac Arthur or Arona & The Kilombos with her bass guitar and warm voice. She now adds a loop station to tell her own musical story, in which traditional African music, soul, pop and rock resound. Diego Higueras on guitar and
Théo Téboul on the drums!

Intergalactic poet Louc SVDU was born in Brussels and raised in Togo. He uses his computer as his main tool to mix and remix sounds, images, words and ideas from very diverse sources of inspiration into his own rhythmic and poetic universe.

18:30 doors
20:00 Aziza
21:00 SVDU
00:00 end