Working Title Platform #05
Eisa Jocson Macho Dancer


Eisa Jocson Macho Dancer

dance performance work-in-progress
TH 13.12.2012 19:00
SA 15.12.2012 18:00

Gender Loop

Macho Dancing seems to be a Philippine phenomenon. It is performed by young men in night clubs for male as well as female clients. It is an economically motivated language of seduction. In her solo piece Eisa Jocson performs a macho dance and challenges our perception of sexuality and gender.

Première Macho Dancer in Beursschouwburg on Wednesday 24/04/13 & Thursday 25/04/13

EN spoken

Concept, choreography and performance: Eisa Jocson
Coach: Rasa Alksnyte
Dramaturgy: Arco Renz
Co-production: workspacebrussels (BE), Beursschouwburg (BE)

Residency and support: wp Zimmer (BE), Beursschouwburg (BE)