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Argos & Beursschouwburg present Televisionism Symposium


Argos & Beursschouwburg present Televisionism Symposium

symposium video series
WE 16.03.2016 13:00 - 20:00

Symposium about the work of Jef Cornelis.

During 35 years BRTN/VRT director Jef Cornelis directed more than 200 films, including films on modern art, architecture, landscape and a variety of socio-cultural issues. His films are neither fictional nor documentary reports, but aim more for a form of essay.

Along with the retrospective exhibition Inside the White Tube which takes place at Argos – Centre for Art and Media, Cinematek proposes a series of screenings of the work of Jef Cornelis entitles Jef Cornelis 164-1997. These screenings will take place in the course of February.

During the month of March, a reflective programme, curated by prof. dr. Bart Verschaffel, who collaborated with Cornelis on several films, will be presented in different cities (Ghent, Antwerp, Kortrijk and Liège).

This programme, that is given the working title 111 hours, 31 minutes and 19 seconds of television, will culminate in Beursschouwburg during a symposium where not only the relevance of Cornelis’ work for Belgian television will be discussed but where his oeuvre will also be put in an international context.

Dutch / English spoken

► Screening 13h00:
Ijsbreker: Franz Marijnen
Container: de Puntzak van Heine

► break

► Lectures 15h-18h00:
Bart Verschaffel (introduction)
Pieter T'Jonck about Ijsbreker Fransz Marijnen (tbc)
Andreas Fickers: Television and Art - Television as Art? Some historical reflections on a awkward relationship. (EN spoken)
Marc Holthof (about Container)

► break

► Container-over-Container, 18h30-20h00.
with Lieven De Cauter, Paul De Vylder, Bart Verschaffel, Rudi Laermans and Paul Vandenbroeck

After studying set design and film direction at the Netherlands' Film Academy in Amsterdam, Jef Cornelis (°1941, BE) began his career as a director for the Arts Division of BRT Television in Flanders, which would later become VRT broadcasting.

Inside The With Tube, A retrospective view on the television work of Jef Cornelis - @ Argos BXL, 30.01.2016 – 27.03.2016