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You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
The World in Brussels DOC NOMADS


The World in Brussels DOC NOMADS

film screening documentary
WE 09.03.2016 20:30

For this evening, a selection of specific short works will be shown, as well as final graduation documentaries.

The DOC NOMADS Joint Master Degree in Documentary Filmmaking is a two-year, full-time international graduate program provided by a consortium of three prominent European universities in three countries: Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. About twenty-five students from around the world follow a mobility track from Lisbon to Brussels (LUCA School of Arts), via Budapest. Students are immersed in different cultural environments, learning how to use their abilities outside their usual social contexts.
The DOC NOMADS programme combines the focus on the arts with contemporary practices in film production.


  1. Portraying Jan Peeters > Miguel Lopez Beraza (9:53)

  1. Continental Drift > Nayeem Mahbub (7:15)

  1. one minute >Naser Dina (10:00)

  1. News from the Garden > Arumpac Alyx (6:00)

  1. I am not here > Savchenko, Anna (00:27:00)

  1. Uitgang > Agyapong Emmanuel (08:15)

  1. Inflate/exhale > Christopher Patz (12:32)