how to relate


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Connect to a landscape of strategies, approaches and understanding of the notion of care

Departing from the practice and ongoing research project Landing On Feathers - Rehearsing the not yet which is a collaboration between Jija Sohn, Aleksandra Lemm and Julia Reist, the trio has collected different readings, testimonies and interviews with a diversity of people they encountered during their process. Looking for the multiple realities and relations we all have with care to ourselves or others, these encounters unfold a landscape of strategies, approaches and understanding of the notion of care.

This listening archive invites the public to take a moment of introspection, to listen to a wave of voices, impressions and fragments of texts. It is not an explanation, a description or an instruction on how we could or should care, but a sharing of all these (sometimes) colliding, expanding or straight forward relations we bear with this big C.



Mp3 #1
How do we listen, understand and connect to these writings when read through the “innocent” voice of a child? Words become words, and big terminologies and theories are pure fragments of sound. The context and meaning become secondary to the actual purpose of reflecting and relating to these issues. Present everyday in our lives, with the need to be addressed not only in cerebral understanding but much more through embodied knowledge and action.

Recorded voice: Audra, 9 years


Mp3 #2
How do we need, practice, understand care? And how does this influence our everyday lives These are recorded interviews that took place over the last two years through conversations on WhatsApp, Zoom… Some of the conversations are re-recorded in order to protect the identity of the people and not expose their intimate responses and engagements in these dialogues. These conversations grew out of the research practice between Jija Sohn, Julia Reist and Aleksandra Lemm.

Recorded reading of parts of 'principles and values’ by Extinction Rebellion


Mp3 #3
Slaap Pompoen Slaap, 441 wiegeliedjies/lullabys of all over the world

A research and project by Arnaud de Schaetzen, all the recordings are collected from youtube and are not original recordings







Part of How To Relate, a programme by Julia Reist in collaboration with the project Landing on Feathers by Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm